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Rules & Definitions

The BLACKLIST.AERO register pursues 2 goals:

The BLACKLIST.AERO register does not intend to take part in corporate wars and competition. If the administration of the BLACKLIST.AERO portal decides that the particular case is part of a competition, such a case can be removed from publication at any time without prior notice. The BLACKLIST.AERO register is a platform for users to post all their cases and strives to support users to comply with all legal norms when publishing cases and objections. The portal is not legally responsible for the veracity of the information provided by users.


  1. No anonymity. Verified Claimants only.
  2. All cases go through a 10-day validation and mediation process.
  3. Only an administrator can publish a case created by a claimant.
  4. A blacklisted company has the right to state its position. The register undertakes to display the position of the eefaulter in each case.
  5. A case can only be opened against a company that does not pay the invoice for more than 14 days from the overdue date.


Claimaint: verified PRO Account user which can create cases against defaulters in the BLACKLIST.AERO register.

Defaulter: a company that has not paid an invoice after more than 14 days past the overdue date.

Slow Payer: a company that has not paid an invoice for less than 14 days past the overdue date.

Case: an official statement in the Register that a particular company has not paid a bill for more than 14 days past the overdue date.

Objection: The official position of the company that a case was created against.