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Our Team

The BLACKLIST.AERO team has brought together people with common values and views on the problem of non-payment in the aviation industry and the need to battle this phenomenon.

Our team has the strength and the necessary courage to fight fraudsters and defaulters, despite any difficulties.

We have united the entire aviation world, popularizing the principle of professional solidarity among all participants of the aviation market.

Image of Artem Degtiarov

Artem Degtiarov

Founder & Chief Editor

The idea of creating the BLACKLIST.AERO Registry was born as a result of Artem's observation of numberous cases of non-payment by unscrupulous participants in the aviation market.

He clearly understood that defaulters and fraudsters not only enjoy the trust of their counterparties, but also take advantage of the inefficiency of existing legal mechanisms.

Therefore, as Artem says: "The idea to create an effective tool for self-regulation of the aviation industry in the fight against systemic non-payments and fraud was born by itself!"

Image of Lee Morgan

Lee Morgan

Co-Founder & Chief Technology Officer

Lee Morgan is a software engineer with a passion for web development and technologies.

When not working he can often still be found at his computer contributing to the open-source community.

In overcoming any difficulties Lee is helped by a character "forged in fire" at the US Marine Corps. Including two years of service in Afghanistan.

image of Alex Melnychenko

Alex Melnychenko

Operations Manager

With experience in the operations of both a single airport and a worldwide flight support company, Alex understands very well the relationship between all participants in air traffic.

This helps him effectively convey up-to-date information about defaulters and fraudsters to aviation community members for whom this information is most important.