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The rules of

Rule 1: No anonymity. Verified Claimants only. considers PUBLICITY to be the main "panacea" against defaulters. Therefore, the Register does not accept any anonymous statements. Anyone who blacklists their defaulter can only do so on behalf of their own company, assuming all moral and legal responsibility.

It is important to protect the register from attempts to involve it in competitive wars and any means of unfair competition.

The main guarantee we give to our users is that all PRO Account users undergo our own compliance procedure. The banking principle “know your client” applies to all those vested with the right to create cases against their defaulters.

We request statutory documents, get acquainted with and study all available data about the company that has applied for account registration. The Register Administrator may refuse to register a PRO account user in case of reasonable doubts about the accuracy of the information provided, or its lack thereof.

Rule 2: A defaulter has the right to state its position. The register undertakes to display the position of the defaulter in the case.

The BLACKLIST.AERO Register is not a court. In fact, this is a credit history bureau in Aviation. However, we consider it our duty to request the position of the company in respect of which the case was created. If the defaulter provides its statement, we undertake to publish it along with the case. If such a position is not provided within 5 days from the date of sending a “CASE HAS BEEN CREATED” notice to the defaulter, the register publishes the case without the defaulter's position.

We do this so that each user of the register can draw their own conclusions and take into account all the information provided in the case. We provide information on the basis of which other companies will subsequently make decisions on the provision or non-provision of services to a particular participant in the aviation market. Therefore, we are interested in the greatest possible reflection of the entire picture for each case.

Rule 3: By creating a case in relation to its defaulter, the claimant thereby declares that it has ceased all commercial relations with this company.

This rule is created to avoid situations in which the Register can be used for commercial pressure against a counterparty.

If the register administrator obtains confirmed information that the claimant continues to do business with the company in respect of which it created the case, the administrator may remove the case from publication in the register.