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Search Tips

Searching for defaulters on is quite a simple and straightforward task. However, there are just a few simple things to keep in mind while searching to make your results better and more accurate.

First, all searches are case-insensitive. This means that you may use uppercase or lowercase letters and it will not effect the search.

Next, some search words are excluded from each search. Words such as "the" and "of" will not be included in the search, as well as some common industry words such as "aviation" and "company". The reason for this is that many companies will have these words in their name. In order to give more accurate results we ignore those words for searching. For a list of excluded words, see below.

Searching will match up words in the search with words in the name of the company. Therefore, for best results, type in the full company as they are known. Do not use shortened versions of their name. For example, if there is a company named "The Defaulter Company" that often goes by TBC, you should type in "The Defaulter Company" and not TBC. Or even just "Defaulter" would work.

Tracking lists work in the same way as searching. The name of the company that you enter for a tracked company will be compared against every new case that is created to see if it matches the company that you entered

Finally, never forget to choose the correct country in which the company is located in.

See some search examples below for when searching for "The Defaulter Company":

Search Example 1

An example of a good search that will give you desired results. While "The" and "Company" will not be included in search, it is perfectly fine to use them.

Search Example 2

Another example of a good search. "The" and "Company" will be excluded from search, so they are not necessary.

Search Example 3

An example of an ineffectual search. Both of these terms are excluded from search and will never return any results.

Search Example 4

Another example of a bad search. Do not use shortened names of any companies.

List of excluded words: