We are creating the Register of defaulter companies in Aviation in order to create effective control over unscrupulous companies which refuse to pay debts for airport taxes, payment of bills for ground handling, refueling and other related services. Moreover, it's an additional tool for influencing them from the side of the entire aviation community. Our history originates from the experience of cooperation with defaulters. That's why, we are establishing a powerful tool to avoid unreliable suppliers and the ability to blacklist those who have violated their obligations. Blacklist gives tremendous opportunities to influence shadow companies

The BLACKLIST.AERO register does not intend to take part in corporate wars and competition. If the administration of the BLACKLIST.AERO portal decides that the particular case is part of the competition, such a case can be removed from publication at any time without prior notice. The BLACKLIST.AERO register is a platform for users to post all their CASEs and strives to support users to comply with all legal norms when publishing cases and objections. The portal is not legally responsible for the veracity of the information provided by users.


1. No Anonymous. Verified Claimants only.
2. All the cases go through a validation and mediation 10 days process.
3. Only an Administrator can publish a case created by Claimant.
4. A blacklisted company has the right to state its position. The Register undertakes to display the position of the Defaulter in the case.
5. The case can only be opened against a company that does not pay the invoice for more than 90 days from the overdue date.


claimant: verified PRO Account user which can create cases against defaulters in the Register.
defaulter: a company that does not pay the invoice for more than 90 days from the overdue date.
slow Payer: a company that does not pay the invoice less than 90 days from the overdue date.
case: an official statement in the Register that a particular company does not pay the bill more than 90 days from the overdue date.
objection: the official position of the company in respect of which the case was opened in the Register.

Non-payment for fuel or maintenance by the operator who rents the aircraft can be a wake-up call. Especially if there are more than one such cases in the registry. Typically, when an operator begins to face operational problems, agents, fuel and ground support providers are the first to suffer. Leasing companies often remain in the dark about this. When an operator allows delays in lease and insurance payments, as a rule, the operator owes everyone around him by that time and is rapidly sinking.

Some companies operating charter flights can pay navigation fees for years if they know that they will not fly in one direction or another for the nearest time. Therefore, such registry is helpful to calculate risks before issue overflight and landing permits.

Airports also suffer from defaulting companies. As a rule, airports charge a take-off - landing and parking fee from regular airlines based on the flights performed for a certain period. It is not uncommon for operators to delay such payments. There are frequent cases when operators owe large sums to airports and go bankrupt. As a rule, this is preceded by "alarm bells" in the form of non-payments to other counterparties in different countries, about which the airport may not know anything. MRO COMPANIES MRO Companies are just as depended on Operator's solvency as Airport Authorities. The aircraft often arrives for maintenance, and it is not released until the client pays for the service provided. However, if the Operator who provided the aircraft for repair is on the verge of bankruptcy, the serviced aircraft may be idle for a long time in the hangars of the maintenance station. In any case, this becomes a headache for the MRO station.

Fairly often for charter brokers to book the plane at their own expense, and clients pay for the flight after it has been completed. In cases where the operator did not fulfill its obligations due to problems with non-payments to other participants in the aviation market and was stopped at any airport, the charter broker bears a guaranteed loss. Attempts to compensate for losses at the expense of the operator are most often unsuccessful.

Freight forwarding companies periodically become hostages of situations when the operator cannot fulfill its contractual obligations due to debts to the airport, fuel company, or has arrears in the payment of air navigation dues. Because of this, the cargo is idle at the airport much longer than the prescribed time. In case of timely receipt of information about the insolvency of one or another operator, the freight forwarding company can protect itself from possible problems when choosing an operator.

To know which of your agents at airports are blacklisted. Because potentially agent problems can become operator problems. For example, even if a flight support company has not made a prepayment to the airport or local agent, the flight may not be accepted.

To avoid unreliable suppliers and payment delays.

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Check Your Counterparties

In our database, you will find records from PRO account users regarding cases of fraud, non-payment, default on contractual obligations and other undesirable actions of individual participants in the aviation market. also provides unified access to open registers of bankruptcies and court decisions in various countries of the world, as well as to the lists of companies under sanctions of states or international organizations.

Track Standing of Your Debtors

As a Premium account, you can create in your a personal list of companies whose status you want to track. When a record about a company from the list you have created appears in the database, a corresponding notification is sent to your specified e-mail.

Blacklist Defaulters

As the owner of a PRO account, you can open new cases concerning unreliable counterparties. Please carefully read the rules for publishing of blacklisted companies and the criteria according to which any company can be blacklisted by you.


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