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March 7, 2023


Colleagues, have you ever come up against real bandits in aviation? It's not like just scammers, swindlers, crooks. Specifically, with those who are called “gangsters”?

I had to deal with such a person just a few days ago. Of course, this is not the first and not the last such experience. That is why I quite calmly perceive threats addressed to me and send all those threatening “to the line”. Whatever whom would such threats come from. However, my story will certainly be useful to you.

 It all started with the fact that a case was created in the BLACKLIST.AERO Registry regarding the Kazakh company SUNKAR AIR. And within a week later, another claimant has created a case for the same company. You might have seen the relevant case notifications before.

The company did not respond to official notifications from our side. Therefore, we decided to call the director of SUNKAR AIR, Talgat Zholdybaev, and request his comment on the current situation. This is our usual journalistic practice.

I'd like to mention that by disclosing the name of Talgat Zholdybaev in the press, we do not violate anyone's “privacy”. Since he, as the director of the company, is a public person:

He is descended from a family of aviators, a son of the former chairman of the State Aviation Supervision Department of the Civil Aviation Committee of Kazakhstan. In other words, he is a “respectable person” by the standards of Kazakhstan.

In his telephone commentary, Talgat Zholdybaev told BLACKLIST.AERO that Kazakhstan's legislation prohibits the payment of debts that are more than 3 years old.” Of course, it was pure manipulation. In the legislation of Kazakhstan there is a regulation according to which if, for example, claims are made against you for paying utility bills that you have not paid for more than 3 years, then you can protect yourself by the fact that the limitation of actions (3 years) has expired.

However, there is no direct prohibition on payment of debts in the legislation of Kazakhstan. However, the director of SUNKAR AIR has repeated this when we questioned him again in order to be sure that we understood him correctly. Then we asked a logical question: “Do we understand correctly that this is the official position of your company regarding these two cases in the BLACKLIST.AERO Registry and we can publish it along with the cases?”

And here we heard what, in our opinion, is typical for representatives of an organized criminal community, and not for the head of an airline. Talgat Zholdybaev abruptly switched to bandit jargon and personally told me the following: “Who are you?! I see your Ukrainian number! You will be identified right now!”

To my remark that the editorial office of the BLACKLIST.AERO Registry is located in Kyiv, he said: “Now you will be identified by number and I will send my people located in Kyiv to teach you a lesson and explain who you are talking to in such a defiant tone!”

After that, he hung up. And I wrote him a message on WhatsApp, in which I thanked for our conversation and said that I understood with whom I was talking - with an ordinary bandit which are widely met.

Well, I'm still waiting for the “people of Talgat”;)

Meanwhile, we have sent official statements about what happened to the Ministry of Civil Aviation of Kazakhstan and the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Kazakhstan.

And to you, my dear colleagues, I strongly advise to stay away from this scammer who imagines himself to be “Al Capone of the Kazakh Aviation.”


Currently, SUNKAR AIR is looking for a leasing aircraft in order to resume flights. Global Aviation Register of Defaulter companies BLACKLIST.AERO appeals to all aviation market participants NOT TO COOPERATE with SUNKAR AIR. 



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