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September 20, 2023


Artem Degtiarov, Chief editor at BLACKLIST.AERO


This story might not have happened. Nothing said that JORDAN AVIATION could allow non-payments to its counterparties. The brand of this company has long been known in the aviation market and is usually associated with reliable and high-quality service. 

However, as often happens, the human factor intervened. This story is about how a spoon of tar can spoil a whole barrel of honey. It is extremely instructive for all business owners who spend years building the reputation of their company and can lose it overnight by uncontrollably handing over important functions in the company to careless performers. 

The amount of the claim against the company is ridiculous. USD 6,171.47. But this story is a litmus test that gives others in the aviation market a clear understanding of how Jordan Aviation will deal with others in similar situations. 

The essence of the case is that Jordan Aviation concluded the contract for a charter flight, which they could not perform due to failure to obtain permission. After concluding the contract, the customer ordered additional services necessary for the flight from a third company (as often happens). When it came to getting a refund of the money spent on the flight, Jordan Aviation returned the cost of the charter, but refused to pay the cancellation fee that was imposed by a third party at the arrival airport. 

Most of the indicated amount was requested by the airport at the place of arrival and could not fail to be paid. This would result in further fines and a ban on further service. 

Similar situations could be occurred everywhere. Often such situations are controversial. However, an important factor in such situations is how to dispute and what is more important for the company - financial losses or the company's reputation in the market. In our case, a real “excessive act” occurred. When two managers questioned the company’s reputation, built over many years and won through painstaking work. 

The management of Jordan Aviation ignored all notifications from the administration of the BLACKLIST.AERO Registry. After which I managed to reach the financial manager of this company to try to get the company’s official position on this case. The arguments that I heard from this manager were the following: “We are not to blame for anything, the failure of the charter was not our fault, we were not responsible for obtaining permission, we will not pay anything.” 

Well, despite the extreme controversy of these arguments (if you are not guilty of anything, then why did you pay the full cost of the charter, despite your cancellation policy, and who, if not the operator, is responsible for obtaining permits) we were ready to consider them in detail. I asked the manager of Jordan Aviation to send us the company’s official position in writing. But he said that it was not our business to consider their arguments and let the claimant try to sue them in court in Jordan. 

Well, when defaulters attack BLACKLIST.AERO, they always use the argument that the Registry is not an “authority”, that “nobody appointed us”, etc. Although later, when some of them, having closed their debts, subsequently become claimants themselves, they instantly accept the thesis that characterizes the BLACKLIST.AERO Registry as an established business-practice that is supported by a huge number of participants aviation market. 

However, it became even more interesting after our Operations Team began to carry out paralegal actions and send official letters to Jordan Aviation’s counterparties urging them not to cooperate with the defaulting company. This is where the second interesting character got involved in the situation - a lawyer for Jordan Aviation. Of course, he continued to repeat theses like “You are nobody and your name is nothing!” You have no right to interfere in this situation! You must apologize and remove the case from the Register!” And such hogwash was every day...

But at some point, the lawyers of the Jordan Civil Aviation Regulatory Commission (CARC), who were among the recipients of the letter from BLACKLIST.AERO, became interested in understanding the essence of the case. Moreover, one of the tasks of this body is to protect the interests of Jordanian operators. Therefore, they requested clarification from all parties involved in this situation. 

It would seem that with a 99% probability CARC will be on the side of the operator from its own country. And a lawyer from Jordan Aviation should understand this better than anyone else.


The response from the lawyer was stunning in its stupidity and self-confidence:

«We are very surprised of the below email received from CARC which is responsible for the regulation side and to make sure that operators are adhering to the aviation regulations. You know that it is not mentioned anywhere in the Civil Aviation law that CARC is responsible to settle or to be part in any Commercial disputes between Jordanian operators and foreign parties».

Of course, CARC clearly and politely explained to this lawyer that with all respect it is not up to him to decide what the Commission should and should not do. 

In general, this situation is far from over. But one thing becomes clear: two managers who experienced “excessive act” are simply destroying the respectable image of the Jordan Aviation company before our eyes, sliding into the image of small lap dogs that, either out of anger or out of fear, bristled at everyone around them. 

In this regard, I would like to address the founding fathers of JORDAN AVIATION: I am well aware of how much time, money, and inspiration you have invested in your company. The administration of the BLACKLIST.AERO registry has no desire to derail all your efforts. But JORDAN AVIATION, like any other large company, has one important vulnerability: when the company employs many people, the company owners feel that they cannot do without “useful idiots.” Which will “earnestly defend the interests of the company” in their narrow sense. And who will not look at any situation more broadly than they are prescribed by internal instructions. 

Let me give you the following allegory: Perhaps the servants inside the house are ready to pretend that they are very afraid of the owner’s mongrels, showing their little teeth in the case or without. But outside the door of the house, passing wolfhounds will somehow not care about this.

Your company needs managers who put reputation at the heart of everything they do. 

Please intervene!



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