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March 8, 2024



Last week, already well-known Congressman Danilo (Dan) Fernandez was forced to comment during 10 minutes, right at a meeting of the committee that he heads in the Philippine Congress, on the publications of BLACKLIST.AERO.


The reason for this was the fact that information about the debts of the company AERO BLEU AIRWAYS began to appear in the Philippine mass media with reference to BLACKLIST.AERO. The congressman was especially offended by an article in BILYONARYO.COM, in which the journalist refers to data from BLACKLIST.AERO Apparently, prior to the next elections, the congressman and unfortunate businessman has felt very uncomfortable and realized that, at least for the Philippine public, he will have to at least somehow “dance a number.”


Oh! It was incredible! Dan Fernandez used all his talent as a soap opera star to tell the poor Filipinos with maximum pompousness and pathos about how “Ukrainian Artem Degtiarov extorts money from him by illegal means.”


To prove that all the attacks on him are nothing more than an information attack by “enemies,” Dan Fernandez brandished a printout of an article about me and BLACKLIST.AERO, which, as you remember well, was written a year ago by other defaulters to fight against BLACKLIST.AERO.



Dan, you should at least give some money to the authors of this bestseller! You know, the organizer of this “exposure campaign” long ago squandered all the stolen money and feels extremely uncomfortable in Croatia. Telling you right away - these “PR people” work for us absolutely for free!


And now we also have a congressman as our backup dancer...


Returning to the “presentation of BLACKLIST.AERO at the Philippine Congress”, if we omit all the pathos and pathetic intonations of our hero, then what was said in summary looks like this:


1. All publications about Dan Fernendez’s debts are inspired by the organizers of the Philippine illegal gambling business. And Artem Degtiarov is a “gambler”. Thanks Dan! No one has ever accused me of this. So at least you entertained me a little! 


2. He works four days a week in Congress, tirelessly for the benefit of the people. All statements that he is engaged in business are slander.


3. In Aero Bleu Airways, Dan Fernandez has only ten percent and is an ordinary shareholder, nothing more.


A recording of the entire committee meeting is published here:

Please watch starting from 32.30 min.


Regarding that he works for the benefit of the people, I will not comment. I don't have any expert knowledge for this.


Regarding the work of BLACKLIST.AERO for the enemies of Dan Fernandez from the Philippine illegal gambling business - this nonsense can only be “eaten” by the especially dedicated fans of Dan Fernandez, who watched the series with his participation and were touched by his acting.


Regarding the fact that Dan Fernandez owns only 10% in AERO BLEU AIRWAYS and is not involved in business, I will comment. Indeed, the congressman officially owns only ten percent of the company. Another 60% of his share is in the hands of a person who covers his business interests. His name is Tomas D. Barrinuevo. I hope we will tell you more about this interesting character in our subsequent materials about the AERO BLEU AIRWAYS case, as well as other businesses of Dan Fernandez.


However, in order to disavow the congressman’s words about his minimal participation in the work of AERO BLEU AIRWAYS, it is enough to look at the photographs from the ceremony of signing the LOI for the leasing of two A321-200 for AERO BLEU AIEWAYS as part of the Singapore Airshow - 2024. From these photos it is immediately clear who the main character of this entire event. It’s a bit too pretentious for a “ten percent shareholder,” don’t you think?




I would also like to draw your attention once again: witnesses are ready to give official testimony under oath regarding the direct participation of Congressman Dan Fernandez in the conclusion of contracts and transactions of the AERO BLEU AIRWAYS company.


Well, dear Dan, 

I don't know if you're a good congressman or a bad one. This side of your life doesn’t interest me at all. Also, I am not interested in who you fight with and who you don’t fight with in your high political position.


But Aviation does not tolerate brainless idiots who step on the same rake! And people in aviation are tired of dealing with crooks who don’t pay their bills! Therefore, be so kind to leave your pathetic passages for your voters and solve the problem with non-payments of Aero Bleu Airways. No hand-wringing tantrums and shouting that you are a victim of injustice in aviation will help you. Debts must be paid. That’s it.


Artem Degtiarov, Chief editor at BLACKLIST.AERO



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March 8, 2024

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March 3, 2024

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January 16, 2024

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