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February 19, 2024



Occasionally, representatives of defaulting companies ask us a question like: “How can you help a company like...” and then the name of the company that filed a case against them. “Ask others, your claimants have a very bad reputation! But we have a good reputation and don’t want the case in BLACKLIST.AERO to cast a shadow over it!”


Well, this question is really worth answering publicly. My main message is very simple: for the administration of the BLACKLIST.AERO registry there are no “good” or “bad” companies. Now I’ll explain why.


Firstly, the BLACKLIST.AERO Registry was created in order to clear aviation of non-payments and restore confidence in the market. If we separate “good” claimants from “bad” ones according to some criteria known only to us (or even worse, by “asking the market”), then we will absolutely not restore confidence in the aviation market.


Any participant in the aviation market – a company or an individual – can create a case in BLACKLIST.AERO. To do this, the potential applicant needs to confirm his professional status in the aviation market. For this, when registering a case, we request a Certificate of Registration or a Business License from the company. And we ask Individuals for a professional license or certificate. After this, the claimant should sign a Claimant agreement, in which he takes full legal responsibility for the truthfulness of all the information he provides in the case.


Any case in BLACKLIST.AERO is a public statement by the claimant to other participants in the aviation market. Thus, he bears not only legal, but also public moral responsibility for the information he presents.


In the history of BLACKLIST.AERO there are many examples when former defaulters pay their debts, after which they themselves create cases against their own defaulters. And this fully reflects our understanding of justice, our basic principles.


For us there are no “our” or “others” companies. Any company can file a case and any company can be on the list if it does not service its debts. But there is a rule: a defaulting company can create a case in BLACKLIST.AERO against its own debtors only after they have covered thier own debt published in the Register.


My personal likes or dislikes for certain people or companies will never become a factor that influences our activities. I have a team behind me, albeit a small one, but a real team that also monitors my actions. And for me, the loss of their trust due to a deviation from our basic principles would be much sadder than the loss of the good attitude of any of my sympathizers.


You all know very well my “love” for such a character as Abdullah Al-Sayed. Especially after he unsuccessfully tried to falsify a case against me personally with the Dubai police


However, I assure you that if the day comes when Abdullah Al-Sayed, or Rinad El-Rabaa, or Talgat Zholdybayev cover their debts published in BLACKLIST.AERO, they will have the same right to create their case in the registry as any other claimant. 


Another reason why we do not divide companies into “good” and “bad” is our bitter experience. People are characterized by hypocrisy, which lies in the fact that with some they behave politely or even servilely, while with others they act like pigs. We can’t know all the facets of a particular person or company. I personally have repeatedly encountered cases where a company, spending a lot of money on advertising and its own PR, does extremely disgusting things.


I also know of cases where people who was slung mud at, in very specific cases, showed much more nobility than their promoted “good” colleagues.


Therefore, the principle of publicity and accessibility of the BLACKLIST.AERO Register to every participant in the aviation market will remain unchanged for us.


Artem Degtiarov, Chief editor at BLACKLIST.AERO



Article thumbnail I have repeatedly said about this simple truth to the co-owner of MERKUR HOLDING, Halis Din. During the time that has passed since he signed the Three Cases Declaration in December 2022, cases against MERKUR and its subsidiary company JET ASSIST have been repeatedly created in the BLACKLIST.AERO Registry.

March 8, 2024

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Article thumbnail Last week, already well-known Congressman Danilo (Dan) Fernandez was forced to comment during 10 minutes, right at a meeting of the committee that he heads in the Philippine Congress, on the publications of BLACKLIST.AERO.

March 8, 2024

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Article thumbnail In November 2023, we wrote about AERO BLEU AIRWAYS and its actual owner, Philippine Congressman Dan (Danilo) Fernandez. Let me remind you - this company has repeatedly distinguished itself by wet leasing cargo aircraft for charter programs. However, each time, the lack of professionalism of management in planning flights and basic ignorance of the laws operating in the cargo transportation market led to the fact that programs were disrupted, aircraft were idle, and AERO BLEU AIRWAYS simply refused to pay both leasing payments and the bills for previously provided handling and refueling services.

March 3, 2024

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Article thumbnail This project was carried like a child - exactly 9 months. When I was already planning to start it, fears arose: “What if war breaks out?” At the end of January - beginning of February, the presence of more than 200 thousand Russian troopers near the borders of Ukraine had indicated that the war was absolutely real. Although only those who planned this war could believe that a big war in Europe is even possible in the 21st century. The subsequent atrocities of Russian soldiers in Bucha, Irpin, Mariupol and hundreds of other large and small cities in Ukraine showed that no achievements of mankind, no technological progress and no check and balance systems will save if mentally sick tyrants are in power.

January 16, 2024

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